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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Calls For Scrapping UN Gaza War Probe

Originally posted on consciousshift2012 :
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for scrapping a U.N. commission, which is tasked with investigating potential war crimes committed last summer in Gaza, after the inquiry’s chief resigned amid accusations from Israel that…

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Breaking Out of the Invisible Prison: The Ten-Point Global Paradigm Revolution

Originally posted on News for the Revolution:
By Prof. John McMurtry February 25, 2015 Socialist Project ? As we enter 2015, the global corporate system deepens and spreads in its eco-genocidal effects. But the dots are not joined in their…

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Caring for a Jasmine Plant

Originally posted on Aquaberry Bliss:
Jasmine can be a great addition to your collection of indoor or outdoor plants as long as it is given the proper care. These magnificent plants can grow up to 15 feet tall, make your…

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When The Sun Is Shining

Originally posted on Fernwood Nursery & Gardens:
When the sun is shining, the chickens begin exploring new territory along all the shoveled paths. They seem hungry for the warm and shining sun. So do we! They stray further away from…

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Waiting for spring

While there is still a nip in the air, springtime feels like it is almost here. How I long for the light evenings, the sunshine, the brunches we can have in our garden and to no longer need a coat…

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Editing = Frustration

Originally posted on World of Writing:
I am in month 8 of a 12 month fast-track program at Full Sail University, where I am studying Creative Writing for Entertainment at the masters level. This class is¬†Editing for Film, Games &¬†Animation.…

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this was interesting and a blog to challenge power. Censorship and blocking of this Blog creates questions surrounding Discourse on Involuntary Servitude and no access to the site. In WordPress it was entered as a blog I follow ( wished … Continue reading

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