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An Internationally Relevant Song on the Right to freedom From Oppression: “And you dare to call me a terrorist While you look down your gun When I think of all the deeds that you have done You have plundered many nations Divided many lands You have terrorised our people You ruled with an iron hand And you brought this reign of terror to my land.” Wolfe Tones Song: Joe Mc Donnell

Conversation - Matisse

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“For all of our languages we can’t communicate”… Natives, a song by Christy Moore.

Have we lost the art of communication, of relating to each other?

Abuses of language for political purposes of  mass population manipulation and deception while media herd instinct is to follow whatever sells their sponsors’products.

George Lakoff writes on a study of cognitive science and how political administrations (in open, democratic societies)  impose their government interpretations of reality on the citizens.

“It is almost as if people were clamoring to be deceived”.

Author/linguist/professor George Lakoff (

Author/linguist/professor George Lakoff (“Don’t Think of an Elephant”) makes a lunchtime appearance at Stacey’s Books on Market Street to promote his latest project, “Thinking Points: Communicating Our American Values and Vision.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politicians have made a life time practice of not responding to simple communications.

Government departments are more concerned by “tone and attitude” and if there is a hint of “rudeness” they wilt and hang up or refuse to respond in writing.

Working towards meaningful human communications will be an aspiration here.

Media censorship and editorial judgement based on the politically correct and restricted use of language combined with corporatist demands and control are of interest here.

Are media editors the new censors or are they facilitators of real news and openness?

Where is the Fourth Estate?

Ireland never had a media to challenge political nepotism and cronyism.

Ireland is now in bailout mode with unsustainable debt burdens imposed by corporatist mismanagement and political incompetence.

Bail out of Banking has changed to whatever wins the next election in May 2014. Anything is possible if elected. Ireland will have universal health services, reduction in income tax, any wish list will be entertained … into the future …sometime after the election. The sincerity of politicians promises is as intense and trustworthy as Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore have proven to be in their brave new World rhetoric of 2011.

On to the 2016 General Election and promises of economic prosperity but at what social costs and who will again be sacrificed? Of course … the disabled, the sick and the poorest in Irish society.

Austerity as a right wing Fine Gael Government policy is working perfectly. Low wages, deaths on waiting lists and hospital trolleys, zero hours contracts and soaring numbers of  homeless Irish citizens.

Has corporatism replaced democracy?

Is there evidence of a Fourth Estate anywhere in your life?

Where is the challenge to the power base of establishment spin?

Access to the media for all sectors of society has been an issue before the Supreme Court in America.

Denial of access to  media outlets creates a sense of  exclusion for many sectors of society. This prevents many injustices from ever becoming  social or political concerns?

Control of media access is a denial of the right to free speech.

“Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Executives be the Arbiters of What We Should See and Read” Glen Greenwald and

Control of media access is undemocratic and a corruption of power.

Richard F. Taflinger has written on “The Myth of Objectivity in Journalism”

He refers to extrasomatic aids to human senses.

John Pilger ?

More on this later.

The Mahon Tribunal investigated corruption in Irish Politics.

The Tribunal Report was published on 24 March 2012.

Please refer to this Report which took 15 years to complete.

My writings on cronyism, nepotism and political corruption in Irish life are vindicated and empirically verify the failure of all Irish media to challenge political nepotism, cronyism and corruption. And what is new here, the same old…

Emphasis must be placed on the absence of any form of Fourth Estate in Ireland. Media has even managed to spiral ever downwards with opinion as news and personal perspectives on every story.

Rampant, endemic political corruption has become part of Irish culture and society without the counter-weighting media challenges.

Quarto Potere (The Fourth Estate)

Quarto Potere (The Fourth Estate) (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

English: John Pilger NS head shot

Image via Wikipedia

Mr Pilger or Mr Mark Curtis?  makes great claims that his work has changed the World (Documentaries That Changed The World)DVD format.

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