Democratic Practices and Limerick City:


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Father Pat Hogan of Limerick City speaks eloquently of the people who are forced to flee their homes in Limerick City in 2011.

“It is difficult to understand the depth of pain that has been caused to those who fled,having spent decades putting their homes together.Some did not survive too long and died soon after– such was the trauma of leaving.”…”hundreds have been losing their homes right through the good times-only the fact that they are from Southhill or Moyross makes them different.They don’t seem to have the same rights or protections.”

There are serious societal and even moral questions to be addressed here in Limerick. And yes every town in Ireland has an area which is treated with disdain and exclusion by the good citizens of these towns. There are issues of ignorance (arrogance always equates to ignorance) and latent parish pump social mores which are to be found in every small town and small Island communities.

I have asked a number of Limerick people about this failure of Limerick as a community over decades.The deprived areas are in existence for 50 years or more in most cases.

The Council which owns the properties and are responsible for infrastructural   schools and recreational facilities have some explaining to do on how such neglect was deliberately practiced by generations of good councillors and good City managers.

Where were the social services and religious services, the charities and the Limerick City communities.

How did the Gardai arrive at a decision to abandon law enforcement in certain City areas.

Where have the national politicians been , especially the – home grown national mouth pieces. 

A reasonable question to ask is … how many Limerick people from Garryowen and all other communities were forced to flee their homes under such horrific circumstances?

The Brixton , London experience has been that the antisocial deprivations expand ever out wards to encompass adjoining neighbourhoods. As indeed it is doing in Limerick City.

An independent investigation of the causes of neglect to areas of deprivation might give answers.

Should a City wait for Central Government to investigate.Can Limerick afford to wait.

There is something wrong with the headline “City cries out for help five years after arson attack” Barry Duggan Irish Independent Sept 4 2011. Now is the time for Limerick to take a good look at itself and realise that there is culpability within.

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