Democratic Practices in Ireland 2011:

John B Keane portrayed a sweet wholesomeness in the Irish character.There are such personalities and characteristics. Honest, brave and quiet people who enjoy a peaceful civilised existence. Confrontation and deception is abhorrent to such Irish citizens.

Then there are the unscrupulous exploiters of this majority of law-abiding  people.

Politicians at local and national level practice an abuse of power and a corruption of democracy which is the inverse of the will and wishes of the Irish citizenry.

John Drennan writes on this subject … “the Jury is still out when it comes to the Republic of We Are Where We Are, for huge swathes of our citizens believe the State is an active rather than an accidental enemy.” Sunday Independent 4 Sept.

“The greed of our holiday-home-owning teachers and millionaire academics, who believe no sacrifice is too great,unless it involves their terms and conditions,means the education system is seen to be the enemy of the people it increasingly poorly educates.” John Drennan Sunday independent Sept 4. He continues in this vein and makes a very convincing feature on the argument that “Public enemy No 1 is the State with it’s overpaid, work-shy bureaucrats.”

Refer to Machholz blog for further writings on Democratic Practices… including The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train… by Donal Buckley freelance Journalist and Writer ( Google also)

There are many critiques of broken promises by the new Irish Government and how Government has and plans to exploit the good-natured and peace-loving electorate.

The cynicism of Irish politicians is openly and brazenly displayed in the savagery of the Government’s attack on the weakest and poorest Irish citizens. The unemployed, the sick, the old and the children are fair game for the hunting politician.

The gravy train is stuffed to overflowing by tens of thousands of cronies and political relatives and “friends”. Bankers, property developers, public service bureaucrats, and political associates are guaranteed protection and patronage. The “Croke Park agreement ” guarantees the positions of these cronies as untouchables.

Refer to “The Minister for Social Protection launches an Attack on Pensioners”(on Machholz and Google)

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