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The Irish censorship boards have driven some great writers from our shores over the last century.History repeats itself in 2011 as RTE ,a state broadcaster, dabbles in the black art of news and current affairs manipulation.

Censorship has come back with the recession of 2011 and what an anachronism ?

As the country slides back in time economically ( pick a year circa 1970?) RTE has built its own retrograde time machine, zooming right back to 1901?

As introverted mandarins and parish pump “stars” of RTE indulge their monopoly position with bloated salaries and  news and current affairs coverage the viewers press the off button or drift into a comatose state suitable for such retro time travel.

How do the state employees within RTE ,  some individuals are paid from borrowed money to the tune of 20,000 per week, 10,000 per week, 7,000 per week, pocket this borrowed money and refuse to provide even a pretence of independent news and current affairs? … does the amount matter? The government will bail them out with increased licence fees and monopoly advertising revenues  in return for the provision of continuous loyalty to the establishment by censorship and misinformation. 

Never write anything which remotely resembles controversial news to RTE, do not rock their cosy little boat, it must be understood that RTE represent the establishment and are paid for protecting the status quo ( their own back pockets).

Marionettes on TV news endlessly circle each other month on month.Sarkozy and Merkel Kissing, Merkel and Sarkozy shaking hands , this puppet show is for French and German consumption. Unfortunately no viewer has had the heart to tell RTE programme planners.

Then the talking heads trick ( heads on sticks and real muppet antics).

Instead of interviewing real life economic and political figures RTE anchor men discuss macro economics with other RTE employees? New , startling news reporting, no , never.

The same old blather about the billions of yen, euros, pounds debt and destitution wreaking havoc on a world in fear of the bad, bad stories from… the inexpert, inept RTE reporters talking to each other, on and on about  non events.

Irish local and national news is rushed through with disdain and a brevity which would make any popular Mass celebrant green with envy.

Deaths on hospital trolleys as reported by an Irish hospital consultant ( 340 needless, avoidable deaths) due to lack of proper medical hospital accommodation … this minor news story presented on RTE TV by the  Irish consultant, simply sailed over  the heads of everyone in RTE? It was as though the consultant had filmed himself and posted the statement on RTE. 

Age Action Ireland web site published horrific statistics that 2,000 pensioners died from cold related illness last year. That is 2,000 deaths more than was statistically calculated to happen. I wrote on this to RTE.Of course the news was not published.My email was censored and a “sanitized” version without any mention of the deaths of pensioners was belatedly published.

Analysing the actions of RTE and the ethics etc will take some time and readers will explore this story of mans inhumanity to man. Meanwhile our Lady Minister has imposed cuts on the poorest pensioner’s fuel and lighting allowances for the coming winter.

Fuel and light prices have gone through the roof ( increases of 20% plus have been allowed.)  The most astonishing aspect of this outrage is the citizens of a Republic , where equality and civil rights are in our Constitution, inflict such carnage on fellow citizens without mercy, concern or humanity.

While the Banks, Developers and the golden circle of Higher Civil Servants and members of the 1,000 ?quangos et al are granted  red carpet access to the national trough of borrowed money ( Gerald Scarfe Monsters , contents page and many other examples.)

While pensioners will die from lack of fuel this winter our Taoiseach has arranged for four “special advisers” to be paid Euro 168,000 each for the next five years.Note that is four “special advisers” for the Taoiseach only. And there is at least one  “special adviser” for every Minister in the house. Grand total cost of Euro 10 million over the next five years. And that is the tip of this iceberg.Hundreds of higher civil servants are trained and paid to advise the Government. Sadly these bloated income earners in the civil service are not fit for purpose , therefore all Ministers employ their cronies as “special advisers”.

Government knows best and there is a rational explanation for such double employment of advisers.Otherwise this huge expenditure of borrowed money would not be entertained by honest, moral and humane Irish men and women in Cabinet. The Ministers are aware that Irish citizens are dying from the cold and from lack of proper medical care and services.The Government Ministers would never waste money on double expenditure or posturing or jobs for their cronies or other family members.

Misuse of public funds is a crime.Ms Burton knows that as she deals with the dole fraud problem.

The health Minister has a valid reason for the deaths of 340 patients per year who could be saved if only there was accommodation in the hospitals and if medical treatment was administered on time.

The Lady Minister must have compelling reasons for ignoring the statistics of 2,000  excess pensioners deaths from the cold in Ireland in 2010 and for imposing cuts to the poorest, means tested pensioners for the winter of 2011. “The ordinary people of Ireland” lack the intellectual capacity to understand how actions of  the Irish Government are always humane, in accordance with human rights principles and not based on  prioritising the pouring billions of borrowed money into banks.The Irish Government Ministers always put the people before profit or personal gain.

The deaths of pensioners from cold and patients on trolleys without medical care, has no link what ever with the billions which the Irish Government poured into the banks, NAMA, Developers bail outs,  quangos or golden circles etc.There may be an announcement from Dail Eireann that the Irish people must not take their illnesses to the hospitals as this costs the State money and the banks need all we can give them. Dying on trolleys or from the cold is not the image we are trying to project.  

It is simply that we the citizens of Ireland do not understand the machinations of Government Ministers and their very “special advisers”.

And RTE?… maintains a deafening silence on the content of this journalist’s submissions. The head mandarin in RTE was permitted to make statements on staged “confrontations” with the big earners, from a University setting… was there one disenting voice from the establishment gathering (Irish university staff and students?)… threats of cuts of what amount? 30%  over two years  how dramatic. The mild mannered presentation in the university setting was very odd.

What is the connection between pay rates in RTE and an Irish University? Most unusual for a National Broadcaster, of such dismal social standing, to clamber onto a dais in any university and seek some redemption for its damaged reputation.

The main mandarin may be best advised to utilise his own RTE studios to plead his case for “reducing” bloated incomes which he maintained and defended until his  very recent conversion.

WTF has RTE “stars” achieved to ever be paid such exorbitant salaries out of public funds , ever? Now there is the re-entry into RTE of retired “stars” on government pensions, while hundreds of other staff are shown the door. The host university has some explaining to do.

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