The Fourth Estate in Ireland 2012 is a Myth

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Protesters with banners and leaflets closing down a Shell petrol station in solidarity with the Rossport community in Ireland, after the Irish government gave Shell permission to build a pipeline through their area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no Fourth Estate in Ireland 2012.

There never was a Fourth Estate in Ireland.

There are many commentaries and column semantics, even  hacks in fear and in hock to the establishment have spectacular media exposure.The Irish media and the establishment are of one voice.

Follow the money trail to nepocron ( nepotism and cronyism) to uncover political corruption in Irish politics and Irish commercial life.

Without any challenge from a vigilant media political corruption thrives.

Ireland’s population of 4.5 million is in bailout mode to the Troika yet:

Irish politicians pay themselves more than their counter parts in UK, US , France or Germany.

There are cronyism and nepotism circles led by a public service of 300,000 with guaranteed jobs, pay and pensions.

Public service pay is 50% higher than the private sector.

Politicians justify bloated pay and pensions with the squeal “the rules allow us to pay ourselves more than any other European politicians”.

Who makes the laws (rules) to enrich the politicians and their extensive cronies and public service cohorts?

Why … the politicians make the “rules” which allow them to pay themselves such extravagant salaries, pensions and perks.

Therefore the extraction ( from public, borrowed funds) to politicians is legal, the politicians and the wider public service say it is legal and they make the law.

Meanwhile the poorest, means tested pensioners are shivering in cold and dark conditions after the same law makers cut their fuel and light allowances not once but twice in the latter half of 2011.

2,000 excess…Irish citizens died from cold related illnesses in 2010.

These deaths were excess deaths from hypothermia and other cold induced illnesses .

Excess deaths are Irish citizens dying who were not statistically estimated to die from cold.

The Irish Government were aware of the statistics ( Age Action Ireland) and while they paid cronies huge amounts of public monies other Irish people were dying from the cold.

Stay with this one Irish government atrocity for a while , don’t brush over it , 2,000 killed off from lack of heating.

Billions of Euros paid to Banks and Bond holders by the Irish Government and to support this unsustainable debt burden Irish people must die from cold by having their fuel allowances cut.

The cuts are a deliberate act of Irish Government in 2011/2012.

With full knowledge that Irish citizens will die from cold related illnesses the Government knowingly decided to cut fuel allowances not once but twice in 2011.

What is going on here, what kind of society have we in Ireland in 2012.

Where is the outcry from the Churches, from the TDs ( elected representatives) and Senators, the Co Councillors and the Trade Unions, from the Army Officers, from Sinn Fein who fought for civil rights in the Northern part of this Island?

I asked a local Bishop and his response was: “We don’t get involved in politics, we preach the Gospel” and he had an urgent appointment, had to go.

2,000 excess deaths were not any concern of that good Bishop, he preaches the Gospel.

Are there Human Rights violations involved in Government acts against their own citizens, or is this raised only when citizens die from bombs and bullets?

Is cold a weapon ? Cold caused by deliberate withholding of heat from citizens?

Moving on  (for a moment)to  hospital trolleys, to waiting lists for urgent operations, lack of hospital beds, educational deprivations and creation of deprivation by withdrawal of services from certain areas of towns and cities over decades of neglect and parish pump class distinction so petty it is ludicrous.( and Youtube).

But stay with the 2,000 dead Irish citizens who have bereaved families, these are statistics with a human story attached to each death.

What has brought Irish people to this state of dumb acceptance of such atrocities.  An internationally endemic corruption of any ethical or moral standards is practiced in Irish politics and in needless human suffering. On an individual level death from cold must equate with the horrors inflicted by democratic governments in the Iraq invasion.

The end results are the same (death), democratic governments act deliberately and with full knowledge and people are killed.

Governments and  many in the populations of  these democracies  are deaf and dumb to everyone’s plight except their own protected environs. There is no outrage, no protest, no impact on individual intellects.

Students used to demonstrate against social injustices, Trade Unionists used to march, Bishops and Priests were heard to support people who were oppressed…!

The lack of any challenge to every area of power in Irish society  may be caused by a tame,media in fear of their own shadows and in hock to their political masters.

Ireland needs a Fourth Estate to challenge political corruption.

Where is it going to come from… I don’t see any hopeful signs.

recently a group of journalists got together and voted Mr Edna Kenny  politician of the year.

The only redeeming feature was they omitted to state best or worst politician of the year!

Journalists? They voted for a leader who led an assault on the weakest, most ill, oldest, poorest and least educated groups in Ireland. Meanwhile Mr Kenny, Irish Taoiseach was bunging 35,000 per annum pay rise to a crony, a fella Mr Kenny knew from down his part of the tracks. The average wage in Ireland is Euro 35,000.

The media’s job is to hold Mr Kenny  and his cohorts to account not to crawl, brown nose and ingratiate themselves with the leader of a Right wing political party.

Where is the aspiration to impartiality, balance or some objectivity by journalists who practice cronyism openly and without any realisation of what journalism is about.

Third rate hacks in a country of cronyism and nepotism  have a long infamous tradition in little parochial Ireland.

Read the Sunday Independent 26 Feb 2012 for evidence of parochialism and fawning over the lovely Enda Kenny and self promotion of the Editor and everything “Independent”.

Where is that Fourth estate? 

Sunday News Prints 8 April 2012:

The Irish media are stampeding to print recently discovered words such as “nepotism”, “cronyism” and “political corruption”.

Mouthing the Moriarty and Mahon Tribunal reports( using these Tribunals’ findings as cover) the weak Irish media has come out to play at pretend Fourth Estate reporting.

Decades too late the embedded media are braving the establishment wrath by repeating exactly what the Tribunals have stated. How brave is that?

Watch this space for any persistent green shoots of real media challenges  into the future.

The Sunday Independent seems to dabble in black humour and this week have surpassed themselves by claiming ethical standards and courage in the face of their beloved establishment’s condemnation as endemically corrupt.  

The Irish Independent’s political editor voted Mr Enda Kenny politician of the year 2011. And a recent edition  of The Sunday Independent dedicated huge chunks of news print to praising Mr Kenny (interspersed with self- indulgent praise for all things personal within the Sunday Independent).

The Irish Labour Party are sensitive to such close associations between Fine Gael and the Independent News and Media group. Cosy relations with Mr D. O Brien and Mr Lowry TD add fuel to the fire and Labour fear their support might be incinerated while attached to such a larger Fine Gael Party in power. Labour are demanding strong actions against such endemic cronyism and nepotism as reported in the Moriarty and Mahon Tribunal findings.

Senior, long serving Labour Ministers have only now realised that the political establishment is steeped in corruption , “endemic corruption” and have been gifted the power of speech on this matter by Moriarty and Mahon Tribunals combined. Now they clamour for action and law enforcement.

To an international reader this may be an excellent case study of Democratic Practices in the 21st century. Are there any differences identified, are other democracies radically different? Is political corruption endemic (Mahon Tribunal)in all democracies? 

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